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Business Advisory

At Nexia, time and again, we have proven ourselves to be your trusted advisor!


We work seamlessly across our teams with multi-disciplinary capabilities, to present you with practical tailored solutions that caters to your specific needs. From streamlining your business processes to achieve cost efficiency and sustainability, accounting and corporate governance consulting for statutory compliance, advice to achieve tax optimisation, to transaction support including business valuation and exploring new opportunities via Mergers & Acquisitions, are just some of the advisory services we typically provide.


The right business consultant

We boast of our strong business acumen, which can value-add to your businesses, such as setting up organisations appropriately to optimise the business model to achieve efficient corporate structures, enterprise risk management, tax strategies etc.


Financial accounting advisory services

It is of utmost importance to choose the ideal accounting advisor with good internal resources and with vast capabilities and experience, necessary to identify and address accounting issues promptly and practically.

Our technical specialists, who have deep knowledge and constantly kept abreast of updated financial reporting standards, can partner you to understand the implications of accounting issues, and facilitate explanations to your stakeholders. Our expertise in complex accounting areas, include, but are not limited to:

  • IFRS 2: Share-based Payment;
  • IFRS 3: Business Combinations;
  • IFRS 9: Financial Instruments, including unquoted investments;
  • IFRS 13: Fair Value Measurement;
  • IFRS 15: Revenue from Contracts with Customer;
  • IFRS 16: Leases;
  • IAS 38: Intangible Assets;
  • IAS 41: Agriculture; and
  • IFRIC 12: Service Concession Arrangements.


Data analysis & Projections

Our knowledgeable team, equipped with strong corporate finance and modelling skills, will be able to assist you to prepare data analysis to make informed decisions or mock-up forecasts/projections for strategic planning. We can work together to prepare you and your business for expansion planning, fund-raising, bank loan or sale of shares/business.


Business valuations

Our professional team equipped with technical skills, are able to perform quality valuations that fulfil the needs of corporates, regulators, tax and accounting bodies. Whether it is for divestment, acquisition, or dispute resolution, we vouched to work closely with you to better understand your business and come out with a value that can stand up to scrutiny.


Financial & Tax due diligence

Prior to your acquisition, financial & tax due diligence assures you that there are no irregularities about the financial situation or tax exposures of the business you intend to acquire. We aim to highlight potential investment risks and ensure that red flags, if any, are properly highlighted in your sale and purchase agreement. More importantly, we also focus on areas where business synergies are available post-acquisition.


M&A advisory

As your business progresses to the stage of growth, there are many strategic options, including fund-raising, mergers, acquisitions, public listing, that may sometimes be too complex for business owners, to hand on their own. Our M&A professionals are here to understand your needs, analyse the dynamic business environments, explore different alternatives and always getting you prepared to make informed decisions. We want to be part of your exciting business journey to facilitate your pursuit of growth.

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