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Why audit is important?

Financial information that is both accurate and transparent is critical for business decisions. Audit provides assurance to business owners as well as the economy at large, instilling trust and confidence in corporate financial statements. The audit also helps to ingrain discipline in businesses, deter fraud, and reassures other stakeholders that businesses are viable.

Why Nexia Singapore?

At Nexia Singapore PAC, we understand the importance of a robust and independent audit in establishing a reliable control and governance framework, ensuring the long-term resilience of the organisations we serve. We believe that audit is not just about numbers, but about adding value by obtaining a good understanding of the companies’ businesses, particularly the complexities of the business and providing timely insights to promote transparency and foster trust in the financial world.

Our audit approach places a heavy emphasis on early planning and continued understanding of how your organisation functions to enable us to identify critical audit components and tailor our audit procedures to the unique aspects of your businesses.

Throughout the audit process, we maintain constant dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, ensuring clear and timely communication. Leveraging the latest technology, global methodologies and processes, we provide reliable, objective, and insightful assessments. Continuously evolving our audit services, we invest in our people, processes, training, and technology to deliver more consistent and efficient services.



Auditing Services We Offer:


Statutory Audits

As statutory auditors offering auditing services, it is our primary responsibility to communicate whether the financial statements have been prepared correctly in compliance with the Companies Act and the relevant Financial Reporting Standards. As your auditing firm in Singapore, we ensure timely communication of issues and practical solutions to resolve issues.


Special-Purpose Audits

Based on agreed-upon protocols or regulatory requirements, we independently verify financial data to offer management and third-party stakeholders insights and comfort. On particular sectors, we also offer reviews and special audits like:

  • Group Consolidation Audit
  • NGO Audit
  • Charity, Institution of a Public Character (IPC) Audit
  • MCST (Management Corporation Strata Title) Audit
  • Child Care Subsidy Audit
  • Sales/Turnover/Income Certification Audit
  • Rental Audit
  • BCA (Building & Construction Authority) Audit
  • Grant Audit
  • Lucky Draw Audit
  • Special Purpose Audit
  • Due Diligence Audit
  • Money-changers/Audits for Remittance Agency (Report Submission to Monetary Authority of Singapore on a Quarterly Basis)
  • Other Non-statutory Audit or Assurance Engagement
  • Specialised Reports on Any Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Review Engagement
  • Reviewing of Accounts & Internal Control Systems
  • Internal Audit & Support


Nexia Singapore PAC is one of the approved auditors on the Enterprise Singapore portal.

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