Our client is in the Korean ready meals manufacturing business and previously had a finance manager and finance executive, who had both left the organization abruptly. As their operations were ramping up quickly, the Company was in an urgent need to recruit the replacements for both roles. We assisted to provide our client with immediate staff placement to alleviate their manpower crunch while providing stability to the finance operations. Some of the key highlights that our team was able to achieve include:

  1. Provide more accurate and timely management reports for discussion making
  2. Provide more technical knowledge/ advice on complex accounting treatment
  3. Assist in the sales and revenue reconciliation
  4. Smoothen the workflow between the finance department and other departments
  5. Propose Cash Flow forecasts to track payments to suppliers for cash flow planning


How Nexia Singapore PAC helps:

  • Identify your manpower needs and search for qualified candidates suited for the required roles
  • Able to swiftly assemble a capable and competent team to address short-term needs, e.g. project roll out or accounting system implementation
  • Tap on our huge resources and expertise to address your business needs holistically and support the business growth, e.g. in areas of business advisory, taxation, etc


Facilitate your company’s manpower operations.

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