Audit Intern’s Reflection

Nexia strengthens its roots with the vision of transcending the growth of individuals seeking to create an empowering future for themselves. We share our pride in building a community of interns, skilling them towards productivity with incomparable opportunities. Today we are sharing a glimpse of the experiences of several of our interns whose success conveys our belief.


Why Nexia Singapore PAC

Experiences of our Interns at Nexia Singapore


Shivam Kapoor:

My overall experience was excellent. The huge learning points, such as how to engage with clients and build upon my technical knowledge in accounting and audit concepts, such as learning new concepts and new audit procedures; these skills taught to me along with the experience of engaging with clients, have really given me an all-rounded experience. My seniors were patient enough to explain me the concepts and purpose of conducing certain audit procedures to ensure I am aware of the purpose of conducting the task.

Kayle Chew:

My overall internship was a very fulfilling experience. I got to learn many aspects of auditing as well as immerse myself in the firm’s culture. Interning here has broaden my perspective of the industry and understand the true meaning behind audit. I also learnt to exercise my professional skepticism and judgement whenever I face a difficulty in my work. I really like the culture here where my seniors, managers and supervisors are very friendly and easy going. It allows me to be able to approach them without fear or hesitation whenever I require guidance or assistance. I really enjoy participating in the firm’s curated activities such as the Christmas activity, Corporate Rebranding and the dinner and dance retreat. My advice for internship is to always anticipate to learn new things and to be confident in whatever you do. Ask and seek help whenever you need, and don’t be afraid to learn from the best.


Lee Jia Jian

A very fruitful experience. I have learnt and improved on many soft and technical skills, most notably working in a team, time management abilities and professional Skepticism. The working atmosphere was also very friendly and helpful, not just within my team but outside of it too. What tasks an auditor does was very different from what I expected. Ask questions whenever you are uncertain or unsure on any theory. It is pivotal to have a fruitful internship experience by not just going through internship but emerging from it as a better person.


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Nexia Singapore is a close knitted and welcoming family. I was given many opportunities to learn and grow as an audit intern. I like the working environment as well as the colleagues. I have learnt that as auditors, we have to be sharp and hardworking. Work hard, take notes, learn as much as possible and don’t forget what you’ve learnt from before.

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